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Narco-Launch Runs Aground

MOT Guardia Civil Rio Genil

The Guardia Civil are searching for the ‘helmsman’ of a powerful narco-launch that ran aground on the Costa Tropical whilst being pursued by the Guardia Civil Maritime Service.

Prison for Brit Driver

MOT Guardia Patrol Car Rammed

A British citizen, who stole a van in Motril, failed to stop at a road check point and later rammed a Guardia Civil patrol car near Algarrobo, will go to prison.

A Hash Crash

GRA Van Carrying Hash Crashes

A van crashed into a lamppost after being chased by the Guardia Civil as the driver had failed to pull over at a check point on the A-92.

Customs Chopper Down

AND Helicopter Customs Aduanera

A helicopter belonging to the Customs and Excise Police (Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera) came down in the sea in front of a beach off Sotogrande yesterday.


GRA Fate

How many of us, one day of our lives, will wake up in one life and finish the day in a vastly different one, after Fate decides to divide an existence in two?

Ram-Raid in Motril

The Policía Nacional arrested a man who allegedly rammed a gasoline-station cashier window in order to carry out a robbery in the early hours of the 13th of July.

Police Officer Chases Himself?

The young British undercover police officer was sure he was closing in on his suspect. In fact, the plainclothes officer had this confirmed via his radio link to the CCTV control room.
The probationary officer from Sussex Police could barely contain himself when he was told he was closing in on a suspect who was “acting suspiciously” in the area.

Topless Tearaway!

No, we don’t mean that the vehicle was a soft top with the roof lowered. Unfortunately, Mandy Ramsey was travelling with no clothing on her upper body. We say unfortunately because she was also speeding, which caught the notice of the local, law-enforcement officers in Marion, Florida, USA. Being duty bound to keep abreast of things, they decided to pull Ms. Ramsey over and examine her docs.