Herradura’s Calle Real Closed

LHR Calle Real Closed for RoadworksFrom yesterday up to the 21st,  Calle Real in La Herradura (old town) will be closed for road works, but don’t panic!

Every time there is a heavy rainfall this old-town artery turns into a torrential stream so… they’re going to install an independent rain-drain system, channeling it down to the Rambla del Espinar.

So that residents in that area don’t have to sleep in their cars until the 21st, an alternative access will be via La Maravillas, as well as Calle Real itself if you live up at the top half; i.e. accessing from the Punta (iron-cactus roundabout).

At the moment the company carrying out the work, Viales Progreso, is working between the Calle España junction and the Calle Armijo one.

They are laying a 400mm pipe running south to north along Calle Real, linking up the rain drains to the main confluence points on Cuesta Fray Leopoldo and Calle Las Flores before heading it off to the Barranco del Espinar.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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