Farmer Trapped under Tractor

GRA NigüelasA farmer in Nigüelas (Valle de Lecrín) was seriously injured when his tractor turned over, trapping him underneath.

The accident occurred Sunday around midday on terraced land along the Camino de Dúrcal to Acequias, (just above Pago La Colmena).

Luckily a local was passing by and witnessed the accident taking place, who immediately phoned 112. A Guardia Civil patrol was soon at the scene, together with fire personnel from the city of Granada. Not only was an ambulance despatched but the medical evacuation helicopter was, as well.

Between them they managed to free the man and fly him to the Hospital de Traumatología in the city were he was hospitalised in a “serious state.”

(News: Nigüelas, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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