First Train on Monday

GRA Granada Train StationThe first train in over three years will leave Granada station at 07.35h on Monday the 3rd with 50 seats already sold as of yesterday.

It will head for Madrid with no changes along the way and certainly no need to board a bus for part  of the journey. But it’s not only for these reasons that the tickets are being sold well ahead of time; it’s the especial, 20-euro, single fare that is being offered to get the service ‘back on track,’ and never better said.

The offer, which will get you from Granada to Madrid and back for 40 euros will run until the 9th of March. Or better said, the offer is open until this Friday for booking trips from Monday the 3rd up until the 9th of March. One thing is for certain; that’s a trip you couldn’t manage in your own car so cheaply.

If you miss this chance, the normal single fare is 43 euros. The train leaves each day at 07.35h and has only one stop, Linares, at 09.42h. Arrival in Madrid will be at the Atorcha Station at 12.43h.

As for the return trip, the train leaves from a different Madrid station, Chamartín, at 16.58h, arriving in Atorcha at 17.18h, stopping in Linares at 20.20h and arriving in Granada at 22.33h.

Of course, you could always take the Granada-Antequera-Madrid train, but from Granada to Antequera you’re put on a bus.

From here to Monday, the Spanish National Railway (Renfe) has assigned 12 train drivers for the service, who are travelling up and down the line hauling empty carriages to learn the route.

Editorial comment: there is a growing opinion in Spain in general that too much emphasis is put on high-speed train routes (AVE) and not enough on cercanias (short-haul commuter trains), which is resulting in a lack of maintenace on the latter. If we were talking about roads, it would be “lots of motorways whilst potholed B-roads are ignored.”

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andaucia)

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