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Swedish Fugitives Arrested

By Martin Myall

An off-duty officer belonging to the Policía Nacional arrested two Swedish brothers on the run in a shopping mall in Málaga on Sunday 7th. »

High-Speed Train to Madrid

By Martin Myall

Tests on the high-speed-train connection between Granada and Madrid are rapidly concluding, with the service soon to be operative. »

Polish Hitman Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional, the Catalan regional police and the Polish police managed to arrest a Polish hitman in Málaga in a combined operation. »

First Train on Monday

By Hugh MacArthur

The first train in over three years will leave Granada station at 07.35h on Monday the 3rd with 50 seats already sold as of yesterday. »

No Trains Still

By Hugh MacArthur

People in the province of Granada aren't so much worried that the high-speed rail link hasn't reached the city, but that there are simply no trains at all. »

Joint Taxis

By Editor

Nope! This has nothing to do with sharing a taxi, but with joints as in 'spliffs.' The Police came across three taxi drivers, waiting for clients, smoking away on a marihuana joint next to Malaga train station... they were impressed! »

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