Mother Jumps Holding Child

SPN Mother Jumps Holding ChildA mother, holding her 4-year old in her arms, jumped from a 6th-floor window in Murcia yesterday. Both died from the fall.

The incident occurred on Calle Huerto Manú in the centre of the city around six in the morning. The emergency call centre received a call from a neighbour to say that she had heard a loud thud down on the street and had looked out to see two people; one of them a child, lying on the pavement below.

An ambulance raced to the scene but could do nothing for the 37-year-old mother but they managed to stabilise the condition of the 4-year-old child in order to reach the hospital. Unfortunately he died shortly after arrival.

The Policía Nacional are investigating the deaths and the main hypothesis is that it was a suicide. There was only one person in the flat at the time and that was the woman’s mother who saw nothing.

(News: Murcia)

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