Smile, You’re on Camera!

ALP Guardia Civil car GenericThanks to the CCTV cameras on a nearby company warehouse, the police in Lanjarón were able to identify a thief who had burgled an apero (a farm store shed).

The burglary had taken place in the early hours of the 17th. The suspect allegedly broke the padlock on the farm, store shed (apero) and made off with several farming tools, amongst them two scythes, an axe, shears; i.e., the only things of some value inside.

The owner reported the break-in to the Guardia Civil and they sent a patrol to the apero to investigate. They realised that the apero was in the line of sight of a security camera on a nearby warehouse and might have recorded something, which turned out to be the case.

The person on the footage was clearly recognisable as a well known, small-time villain, Consequently, the 27-year-old suspect, was arrested on the 23rd, barely a week after the break-in.

(News: Lanjaron, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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