Granada Keeps Wobbling

GRA Sep 13th 2018 Earth TremorPeople in Granada could be forgiven for thinking the 80’s rock’n’roll star, Shakin’ Stevens had taken up residence in the city…

Yes, yet another earth tremor rattled the city Thursday afternoon, after a burst of similar seismic movements at the beginning of the week.

The emergency number 112 received 34 calls from the metropolitan area and surrounding towns to point out the obvious; the ground’s moving!

This Richter-Scale 3.2º earth tremor, registered at 18.11h, caused no injuries or damage to homes. However, one, known-to-the-writer, resident of Granada said that the whole apartment block wobbled a bit.

The Andalusian Emergency Service gives the following advice in case of an earthquake: if you’re inside, stay inside, if you’re outside, stay outside – most injuries occur while people are moving in and out of a building. If you’re outside, stay away from power lines and the facades of buildings and if you’re inside, get under table or hunker down next to a large shrank (wall unit) or in a doorway – stay away from lifts.

However, if you’re under a table on the 3rd floor, which suddenly becomes a groundfloor, the only table you’ll end up under is the water table, so good luck on that one!

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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