The Riofrio Deluge

GRA Riofrio Deluge Sept 18Whilst Motril saw copious rainfall yesterday making Rambla de los Álamos rage, up in Riofrío a biblical deluge carved its way through the town.

Riofrio, which is up near Loja in western Granada, saw cars being swept away down the river which gives the town its name. When it burst its banks the centre of town was completely flooded out.

In Plaza San Isidro, the restaurants were inundated and face an uncertain future owing to the damage caused.

The numerous cars that were swept down the river were not the result of their owners parking them in or near the riverbed, but rather the river bursting its banks and picking them up along the streets.

Not even the local church was spared, as it was soon flooded out too and a wall belonging to the premises collapsed.

(News: Riofrio, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia – Photo: still from video)

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