Seismic Monday

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
By Hugh MacArthur

GRA Seismic MondayThe Granada area suffered four earth tremors between 14.30h and 17.00h yesterday afternoon.

The first one was felt, as stated above, around 14.30h within the metropolitan area (Otura), followed by another 45 minutes later.

The third one was felt in Armilla shortly after and the fourth in Huétor Vega just after five in the afternoon.

The technical term for this in Spanish is an enjambre sísmico (seismic swarm) and is applied when a series of weak, earth tremors occur in the same area in a very short period.

Whilst this is normal for Granada and the surrounding area, what is not normal is the proximity to the surface; they’re normally several kilometres down. These near-surface tremors are much more noticeable for obvious reasons, whereas the ones well down below us are hardly ever felt.

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