La Herradura Kayak Rescue

The Guardia Civil Maritime Rescue Service was called into action yesterday, just off La Herradura, when a young woman of LHR Kayak Rescue23 years, found herself in all sorts of trouble with her kayak.

She was just turning to return to shore when the kayak was hit by a wave which caused her to capsize, approximately one and a half kilometers from the beach.

With the kayak full of water and the current against her, she was unable to flip the craft back over and soon ran out of energy and began to drift.

Enter stage left (well, from Motril) the the Guardia Civil, who said that on their arrival the woman was completely exhausted and apologetic that she was unable to right the kayak.

The rather forlorn, but very relieved young woman was plucked from the waves and her kayak duly rescued at the same time and emptied of seawater.


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