Deceased Englishman Found

The body of an Englishman was discovered this morning in a premises in La Herradura. The Almuñécar Policía Local ALM Policia Local Car OnLwere contacted by worried neighbours, who hadn’t seen him for about a week.

The identity of the man is known to Gazette staff, but we will not be disclosing that information until we are sure any and all close relatives have been informed, although social media, in all its glory, has already done its bit. The 77-year-old man was a well known character in La Herradura and had lived in the village for a great number of years.

There were no signs of violence and the body has been taken away for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

For the moment, this is all the official information that we have, however, any further details will be published if and when they become available.

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