How Many Pets & Pet Owners?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
By Martin Myall

The Andalusian Pet Register (RAIA) has nearly 300,000 animals on it just within the province of Granada.

Of the 9,699 pets that have been registered so far this year, 8,485 were dogs, 1,155 were cats and 27 were ferrets…

Of the total number registered in the province, 94% are dogs (282,508), five percent were cats (15,093), 0.3% were ferrets (798) with the rest being made up of every kind of beastie that managed to get on Noah’s Ark in time.

So, knowing that dogs are king, what breeds are the most popular? Well, in the whole of Andalucía its the mongrels, followed by the podenco, Yorkshire terriers and Spanish greyhounds, German shepherd and so on.

As far as dangerous breeds go, Granada has 7,879 such dogs

Cats? Who cares? Oh, all right! It’s the European variety, followed by cross breeds, then Persian and Siamese.

Finally – and you’re panting to know; admit it – who are the pet owners? Yup, men are the principal pet owners, except cats where 72% are women… Actually, there probably all owned by the same women, but let’s not go there.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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