9,000th Article Reached

Landing Page 20:08:2018The Seaside Gazette online site continues to grow with the number of articles posted reaching 9,000. We reached the 8,000 mark on September the 11th, 2017.

Many residents on the coast where the paper edition is distributed also follow the online as the news content on each platform is different; the majority of news is now published online with between two and four articles going up each day.

As for our traffic stats, we are currently on 7,302 users a month logging up 15,548 visits and just under 30,000 page views, so we’re happy on that one.

Spanish Stats 20:08:2018Who visits the online site? Well, geographically speaking the bulk of our readership originates here in Spain (3,326 readers) followed by the UK (1,845). just over 500 read us from over in North America while the rest of Europe accounts for just over a thousand.

So, we would like to thank all our online readers for using the Seaside Gazette as a useful news source… and may your numbers continue to grow!

(House News)

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