Popular Names in Andalusia

AND Baby NamingWhat were the most popular names being given to children in Andalusia during 2017? The answer is María and Pablo.

Taking the Málaga figures, for example, María has been the top name since 2012, when it was Lucía. Pablo shot up three places to top slot pushing Hugo from the most prominent name slot.

María is top right across the provinces but with boys’s name, it differs between provincies.

Manuel (Manolo) reigns in Cádiz, Huelva, Jaén and Sevilla, while Pablo is top in Córdoba and Málaga. Granada? Hugo! Over in Almería the top slot is shared by Antonio and Daniel.

Yes, yes, I know; your eyes are starting to bleed from reading this drivel but I haven’t finished!

Girls’ Top Five: María, Lucía, Martina, Daniela and Sofía
Boys’ Top Five: Pablo, Hugo, Lucas, Martín and Daniel

The up-and-coming names on the block are: Adara, Naiara, Isabella, Mireya, Aya, África, Salma and Lara for girls and for boys: Romeo, Liam, Aday, Omar and Elías.

Conclusion: It is still the case that if you shout, “Antonio!, Manolo!, Paco!” or “Pepe!,” half the males around you will turn to look at you. If you shout “María!…” just about all of the women will do the same.

So, if you’ve forgotten somebody’s name and are too embarrassed to ask them again, just call her ‘Mari’ and you’re pretty safe. With the lads, you’ve got a one in four chance…

(News: Andalucia)

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