End of July Entertainment

ALM Vivaldi & Bach ConcertThe Almuñécar Jazz Festival might be over, come the 31st, but there is still plenty of other live music in the municipality, Like Vivaldi in La Herradura, for example.

OK, Vivaldi isn’t playing live at the Civic Centre but The WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne (WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln) will be laying down the Vivaldi vibes there today at 21.30h, together with a bit of death-metal Bach and punk-rock Paganini.

Meanwhile, over in Almuñécar in the Parque Majuelo, there will be Japanese dancing and Flamenco with Emilio Maya Cortés on the guitar and Jaime Heredia & Manuel Tañe supplying the vocals.

Then you’ve got tomorrow, Thursday, also in the Majuelo, we’ve got a spot of opera: La Guerra de los Gigantes (Sebastián Durón 1660-1716) played by the Granada Baroque Orchestra. Heavy, or what?

LHR Puppet Festival 2018OK, whilst you’re still grappling with Japanese dancing coupled with Flamenco in your imagination, we race you back over to La Herradura at 22.00h, where there will be the first night of the XX Festival de Títeres (Puppet Festival) – it lasts four days in total. So, something for the young kids! Older kids might have a hard time getting their heads around Dark Ages entertainment, because there are no computer screens or smart phones involved – just tell them dwarf actors are getting strung up, which should get the blood thirsty blighters interested.

Friday night there’s the IV Carnivalesque Night in the Parque Majuelo with a couple of chirgotas and comparsas– that’s a group of fancy-dressed singers performing a satirical piece.

Just the title of Chirigota Vera Luque’s performance is a dead give away: No tengo el congo pa farolillos (My Congo isn’t Feeling up to Little Lanterns). Cheer up; worse translations happen at sea…

If you brain survives that, or you simply don’t want to risk it, you can always go for death-by-poetry up on the El Peñón El Santo (the rock with a cross on it) at 22.00h that same evening.

ALM Japanese Flamenco DancingHankering for some Flamenco that doesn’t involve Tokyo? Well, Sunday night (29th) at 22.00h the well known Flamenco dancer, Eva Yerbabuena will be giving it a whirl! Where? No idea, but at a wild guess I would say in the Majuelo.

But July doesn’t end until the fat lady sings which means there’s more on Monday and Tuesday next week!

On the 30th there’s a Queen Tribute concert (Coverland & Tributo a Queen) knocking out hits from the 60s to the 90s in the Majuelo. What time? No idea, but wild guessing again, 22.00h

Then on the 31st the Banda Municipal de Música de Almuñécar will be taking hostages up near the castle (Barrio San Miguel) at 22.00h.

Now, you’re bored with this, I’m bored with this, so let’s just call it a draw and wind the article up…

(News/Entertainment: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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