Clobbered by a Strelitzia

ALM strelitzia bird of paradiseA couple had the fright of their lives whilst they were eating ice cream on a bench on the Paseo del Altillo last Sunday – a tree fell on one of them.

Mari Prados Rodríguez was struck by the strelitzia tree narrowly missing her boyfriend. The tree is also known as the bird of paradise flower/plant, whose leaves and size are similar to a banana tree.

It’s not clear whether the wind brought it down or the trunk was in a bad shape – it was probably a case of both.

Anyway, the girl was bleeding from her mouth and nose, which scared the hell out of the boyfriend, especially as she appeared to be dazed.

With a little help from two passersby, he was able to get the fallen tree off her. He phoned the police, who in turn called out an ambulance, which took her to Hospital Santa Ana in Motril.

She suffered a fractured tibia and ankle, as well as bruises and scratches.

The Town Hall is yet to release a statement on the what caused the tree to topple and whether they were checking out the rest of the plants on the Paseo.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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