Bike Vandalism Shamed

GRA Stolen Hire BikesThe vandalism aimed at the municipal bicycle hire in the city of Granada is mindless and constant, despite the police attempting to crack down on it.

The bike-sharing platform, Ofo, has seen its bicyles dumped in riverbeds, hanging from tree branches, hanging from an electricity line, broken up and even sloppily disguised with different paint.

Consequently, the authorities are attempting to hit back through public shaming via Twitter under the hashtag #borregobike. Borrego, means sheep, but is also used in the ‘gormless’ sense or ‘mindless trend follower.’

The initial Tweet read, “And the Borregobike Prize goes to the ‘ingenius mind’ that thought nobody was going to notice that a bike really belonged to Ofo, if they repainted it.”

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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