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Passing on Hoaxes

SPN Hoax Calls

Hoaxes propagate faster on social media than the coronavirus does on the streets; you can expect the latter, but what sickness spreads the former?

Chiringuitos Upset

COS Bolivars for Euros

The chiringuitos on the Costa Tropical are not happy bunnies over a Guardia Civil warning on their Twitter account about foreign coins being handed over amongst change.

Close Second

Do you remember the competition by the private TV channel, Antena 3, to decide on Spain’s Nº1 beach? Well Maro came Second! Yes out of all the beaches in Spain, which is a peninsular, don’t forget, Maro obtained 57,299 votes, which was barely 3,000 fewer than the winner.

Follow me on Twitter

Twitter is with Facebook one of the most successful social networks today. It’s a ‘microblogging’ service that enables users to post short messages of 140 characters (known as Tweets) or pictures.

Wonky World x 3

Three Wonky World articles, including Twittering jurors cause a retrial, don’t try to mug an MMA fighter even if you have a gun and being Mark Zuckerburg…or not.