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MOT Golf Course Los MoriscosGoing around the remaining 10 holes twice on the Los Moriscos Golf Course is just not cutting it and player numbers are dwindling, but don’t panic!

The reason that golf lovers shouldn’t panic is because flat owners down on Playa Granada are being asked to chip in with 50 euros per property to help towards the 150,000 euros needed to fend off Hacienda.

What’s the deal? Well, Hacienda wants two months’ rent and one month’s deposit from the club – a non-profit organisation – which is who will have to sign a rental lease with them.

There are 1,800 dwellings so it could work but time is of the essence; the Golf Course needs the 18 holes operating before summer, so they can’t wait until the apartment-block associations have their annual AGMs at the end of summer to obtain the money via each comunidad.

So, they are contacting the property owners directly through Whatsapp, explaining a need for haste and the consequences of delay. The consequences are a considerable loss in property value if the golf course folds.

ADZ De la Cuesta Baner

“It’s silly to wait around to see if somebody else sorts the problem out, just for the sake of saving 50 euros,” the club’s Board of Directors pointed out.

And it’s not 50 euros down the drain because each donor will be entitled to a free green-fee if the extra holes reopened.

Sr. Julio Rodríguez, who was appointed by the board to organise things, explained that the property owners only needed to make a transfer of this amount to any of the club’s bank accounts, and thus guarantee the health of the golf course and avoid a loss in property value.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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