Willy, Will He or Won’t He?

SPN Willy ToledoWilly Toledo, who is being taken to court by a fundamentalist Catholic association, absolutely refuses to attend court to answer ‘blasphemy’ charges.

Mr Toledo, a well known Spanish actor and known for his far-left views, appeared in a church next to its priest to reaffirm his refusal to appear before a judge on charges of ‘offending religious sensibilities,’ saying that the article in the Spanish Constitution that protects religious sensibilities is an aberration in 21st Century Europe.

But he wasn’t alone because the priest, who is an esteemed theologist, fully supports Willy and went so far as to pronounce, “Viva El Coño Insumiso.”

All this comes about after the actor defended feminist activists who had paraded a parody of a Semana Santa throne, entitled, El Coño Insumiso and sporting a very large representation of the female genitalia.

The actor, incensed by the idea that the feminist activists could go to prison, pronounced, “Yo me cago en dios y me sobra mierda para cagarme en el dogma de la santidad y virginidad de la Virgen María. Este país es una vergüenza insoportable. Me puede el asco. Iros a la mierda. Viva el coño insumiso

A rough translation would be, “I am rather annoyed and quite dismayed.”

Anyway, Mr Toledo says that people are mistaken if they think he is anti-Catholic Church; he says that he is simply an atheist and normally can’t be bothered.

Editorial comment: Well, it’s not a case of whether he has committed blasphemy in the eyes of Spanish fundamentalist christians, but of whether telling a judge to go take a hike is going to land him in prison.

However, how keen is the judge on seeing Willy in court, and more to the point, how determined is the Public Prosecutor on pressing what amounts to blasphemy charges, especially after the priest in a church stated, “Viva el Coño Insumiso,” as well?

(News: Spain)

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