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Motril Priest Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

A priest from Motril, Iván Merino, has been arrested on paedophile charges in Venezuela, where he has his parish. »

Willy, Will He or Won’t He?

By Martin Myall

Willy Toledo, who is being taken to court by a fundamentalist Catholic association, absolutely refuses to attend court to answer 'blasphemy' charges. »

Priest Attacks Editor?

By Martin Myall

A priest in Motril reportedly tried to knock over the editor of a Semana-Santa magazine, leading to a cross fire of 'denuncias' between them. »

Incomprehensible Shuffle

By Martin Myall

Father Ignacio, parish priest of Espiel in Cordoba, stands accused of sexual abuse against a minor - a 10-year-old boy. »

Priest Slapping Case Comes Up

By Hugh MacArthur

This has nothing to do with the paedophile cases in the Granada diocese that are all over the headlines, but concerns an attack in a church back in October 2010. »

It’s The Pope Calling

By Vivienne Hughes

The Pope personally phoned the victim of sexual abuse in Granada allegedly carried out by several priests during his adolescence. »

Priest Defends Thieves But…

By Martin Myall

A priest in Galicia in the North East of Spain pardoned two burglars after they broke into his house, but he was still sorely disappointed in them. »

La Herradura Fights Losing Its Priest

By Martin Myall

La Herradura doesn't want to lose its priest and is moving Heaven and Earth... probably never better said, to keep him. »

Letter Bomb Explodes in Post Office

By Martin Myall

A small, letter bomb addressed to a priest at the Highland School in Alcobendas (Madrid) exploded whilst being handled in main Madrid sorting office. »

The Topical Ticket?

By Martin Myall

The provincial law court of Sevilla has sentenced two young men to 13 years imprisonment each for burglary and the murder of a priest on the 6th of October, 2010 »

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