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Nail Biting in Motril

By Martin Myall

It turns out that Motril's election balance might not be the final results; everything depends on what a judge decides on Wednesday morning. »

Sewage Fraud Trial

By Martin Myall

The present and previous mayors of Nerja will have to appear before the judge over the sewage water being pumped into the sea. »

The Nude Policeman Case

By Hugh MacArthur

The Deputy-Chief of municipal police in Motril was not happy with photos that one of his men had posted on facebook so he took him to court. »

Almuñécar Judge Sues Policeman

By Vivienne Hughes

An Almuñécar-based judge has reported a policeman from the municipal-police force for allegedly threatening her. »

Willy, Will He or Won’t He?

By Martin Myall

Willy Toledo, who is being taken to court by a fundamentalist Catholic association, absolutely refuses to attend court to answer 'blasphemy' charges. »

Raped by the Judicial System

By Martin Myall

If you thought that the court finding on the Manada (Wolf Pack) rape case was shameful, then be prepared for even worse. »

Caused by State of Road

By Hugh MacArthur

A law court in Málaga has found in favour of a road-accident-victim's family against the Vélez-Málaga Town Hall over the state of the road. »

Illegal Dog Fights

By Hugh MacArthur

Seprona agents (Guardia Civil) in Málaga are investigating a group of individuals for cruelty to animals, who allegedly organised fights between dangerous-breed dogs. »

Man Attacks Judge

By Martin Myall

A man is being tried in Almuñécar for having attacked a female judge and the public prosecutor with a wooden-handled awl in April 2013. »

Father, Son, Thief & Judge

By Hugh MacArthur

A father and his son managed to carry out an arrest on a man who had stolen a briefcase from a judge's car: read on. »

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