Light-Fingered Policeman?

A municipal policeman in Loja was put on trial mid April, accused of pocketing traffic-fine money.

The man is accused of stealing 250 euros that a citizen had left in the Traffic Office in Loja, which is classed as embezzlement of public funds.

The Public Prosecutor recommends a 18-month, suspended prison sentence and a fine of 900 euros. Furthermore, that he should be suspended from public employment for two years.

The incident occurred on the 22nd of June 2013 when the 53-year-old policeman found out that a citizen had deposited a traffic fine in an envelope in the police station’s letterbox.

According to the P.P., he did maliciously take advantage of his position as a policeman to sidle up to the postbox from inside and pocket the goodies.

Editorial comment: If the man is found guilty then he has clearly demonstrated that he cannot be trusted to continue as a policeman… forever!

(News: Loja, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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