A Waste of An Ambulance?

SAL Butchered AmbulanceAccording to the Salobreña opposition party, the PP, the Mayor has converted an ambulance into a works van. They say that the ambulance, which belongs to Protección Civil, was the best equipped one in the municipality.

The town acquired the vehicle when the PP governed under the ex-Mayor, Jesús Avelino Menéndez, thanks to a deal with Caja Madrid whereby the Town Hall deposited 3,000,000 euros in its account in the Salobreña bank branch. In exchange, the town received a completely equipped ambulance.

“Salobreña wasn’t the only town to get an ambulance through this sort of arrangement; Motril still has theirs,” said the party leader, Gustavo Aybar.

He considers that the town has acquired a works van at the expense of the health of the townsfolk.

“Salobreña doesn’t have a hospital; the closest one is in Motril, therefore in the case of an emergency it [the ambulance] was the safest option,” he explained.

He concluded that there are many ways to obtain a van for the maintenance depart, such as buying 2nd-hand vehicles or leasing one, instead of depriving the town of an ambulance.

Editorial comment: Salobreña and Motril received their ambulances in 2008, which means that the vehicle was ten years old. The question is, what is the service life of an ambulance?

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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