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A Waste of An Ambulance?

According to the Salobreña opposition party, the PP, the Mayor has converted an ambulance into a works van. They say that the ambulance, which belongs to Protección Civil, was the best equipped one in the municipality.

Spain Has a Problem…

One amongst several, of course, but a rather big one: its ceiling for expenditure is 133,259m euros for 2014 but its tax system is not working. You see, although Spain has one of the highest tax rates in the European Union, it actually brings in less than most.

Some Things Never Change

The Public Prosecutor for the Spanish National Law Courts opposed handing over Franco-era torturers to an Argentinean judge over an international arrest warrant.


Incredibly, the national headquarters of the Partido Popular handed over computers required for court evidence with their hard discs removed.

Some Things Never Change

The Central Government under the right-wing party, the PP, has blocked the release of confidential military documents between 1936 and 1968 – they were due for declassification in 2011.

Austerity but not for All

Hounded by the corruption scandals in the PP, the Prime Minister, Marino Rajoy, decided to publish his tax returns and order his top party leaders to do the same.

Political Blowback

In 2005 the Spanish conservatives were still smarting from having control of the government. The new leader, Mariano Rajoy set about what proved to be of eight years of bitter opposition, so their objection to the new socialist’s governments bill of same-sex marriage was a given.

PP Announces Pre-Election Campaign

The Partido Popular has kicked off their local-elections, pre-campaign, which is why you have probably seen banners stretching across the roads with Trinidad’s face, calling for a change.

Molvizar Mayor Accused

The Mayor of Molvízar has been up before the magistrate, standing accused of coercing municipal workings into voting for his party: i.e., the Partido Popular.