Fugitive Ex-PM Arrested

SPN Carles PuigdemontThe ex-Prime Minister of Cataluña, Sr. Puigdemont, who fled the country to avoid arrest, was arrested under an International Arrest Warrant in Germany.

The arrest took place this morning a little before midday after Carles Puigdemont, who had been attending a conference in Finland, had crossed over the Danish/German border and was refueling at a German gasoline station.

The Government is now awaiting his extradition from Germany, which has a reputation of alacrity where extradition is concerned.

However, the uproar in Cataluña has caught the authorities off guard in with thousands of pro-independence citizens taking to the streets in protest in Barcelona and Gerona. Independence MPs are calling for calm but the crowd is in a volatile mood.

Riot police have cordoned off streets leading to administrative offices belonging to the Central Government.

We shall update on the situation as events develop.

(News: Cataluña)

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