Gabriel’s Body Found

AND Missing GabrielThe Guardia Civil had their suspicions concerning the girlfriend of Gabriel’s father; suspicions that led to her being caught yesterday with the boy’s body in the boot of her car.

Ana Julia, who is from the Dominican Republic and had been living with Gabriel’s father for about a year, was one of the last people to see him on the day he disappeared.

Furthermore, several days into the search for the missing boy it was she who had ‘found’ his vest – a suspicious find as it was completely dry despite days of rainfall. It was at this point that the net began to close on her because the Guardia Civil had begun to follow her.

Yesterday, at midday, the police who were following her photographed her pulling the body out of a well and putting it into the boot of her car. She then set off and they followed.

It was only when she went into the backstreets of nearby Vicar that they feared that they could lose her if she pulled into a garage, so at least two unmarked police cars intercepted her with one cutting in front and the other blocking her retreat.

Sure enough, they found the body of 8-year-old Gabriel in the boot – she was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

The word soon got round and outside the police station a crowd howled, “Hija de puta! Hija de puta.

The police believe she acted alone and had no accomplices, even so, she still hadn’t been charged at the time of writing this article: Sunday 20:36h.

(News: Nijar, Almeria, Andalucia)

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