Endesa Improves Power Grid

ALM Mayor Meeting with EndesaDuring a meeting with the Mayor of Almuñécar, Endesa stated that it plans to spend some serious money on improving the town’s power grid.

The company is going to spend 225,000 euros this year on, amongst other improvements, ten remote-control units, which will permit the company to intervene in the network with more alacrity when a problem arises. This accounts for 100,000 euros.

They also plan to replace the underground, medium-tension, cabling along the Paseo San Cristóbal, costing 75,000 euros.

Finally, they will be carrying out work in La Herradura. During 2017 they installed two remote-control systems and this year they are going to spend 50,000 euros to install a double-feed in medium tension so that if one fails, the other can take up the load.

Editorial comment: Sounds great… Call me cynical, but power cuts this Easter, anybody?

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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