Stall Holders Might Sue

ALM Market 02 OnLThe Almuñécar Municipal Market stall-holders are threatening to take legal action against the Town Hall over its inactivity in this affair.

The Spokesman for the stall-holders, Javier González, said, “All we’ve had over the last five years are promises and lies. First they promised a new market under a developer called, Genario Garcia – we don’t know what happened to him. They took us to Madrid to see a really great market called San Miguel. They even showed us a Powerpoint presentation and an ‘ideal market’ just before the municipal elections, yet we always end up back at square one.”

He considers that the Herrera Administration has squandered four million euros, paying out compensation to Hermanos Garcia, who ran the underground parking, not to mentioned 600,000 euros for a marquee arrangement to temporarily house the municipal market. In fact, with much less money, he says, they could have repaired the car park and reopened it.

Sr. González finished by sarcastically commenting that it appears that the Town Hall is simply waiting for the building to fall down by itself. He promised that if they are pushed to it, they will sue the Town Hall.

Editorial comment: the really annoying thing is that just prior to shutting down the underground parking, the Town Hall eliminated all the surface parking around the market complex in what looked like an agreement between the Town Hall and the parking leaseholders to force drivers into using the underground facilities… so now we have no parking underneath the market nor any around it.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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