Merited Recompense?

NRJ-town-hall-OnLNine PP councillors in Nerja’s Town Council have demanded payment for attending a Plenary meeting, even though they walked out at the beginning.

Councillors receive 150 euros in expenses for attending plenary sessions of town councils, which is what they are demanding. However, after only five minutes into the meeting on the 27th of October, they walked out in protest.

What were they protesting about? They were not happy that extra points in the agenda had been included.

They PP councillors, who occupy the opposition benches, complained that a C’s councillor, Lola Sánchez, had received her 150 euros in a meeting in January this year, even though she only turned up for the last 11 minutes. She later explained that she was late because she had had a doctor’s appointment.

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Editorial comment: There are people out there that rifle through the rubbish discarded by supermarkets in order to put food on their tables. The average wage for a farm worker for an 8-hour day is 50 euros… and these people think they deserve 150 euros after a tantrum at a plenary meeting ending in their walking out in a huff? And then politicians wonder why the average citizen has so little regard for them.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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