City Triumph Against Adversity

Full match report by: Chris Darwen

City overcome Puerto de Motril plus one to stay top of the league:

Sir Alex Ferguson would be having a field day with the adversity being faced by CD Almuñécar on a weekly basis. The Football puerto motril nv17 2legendary Scot was a master in taking all the problems United faced and creating a siege mentality of “us vs them” within the club which went on to breed phenomenal success.

If CDAC can follow the lead of the former United boss then they will end the season as Champions, without a doubt and if they gave out bonus points for achieving despite various strange sets of circumstances then the club would lead the table by more than the three points they currently have over Puntalon.

For reasons that are out of their control, the club trying to bring a good level of football back to the town of Almuñécar have had to play “away” from the home they were offered since the opening day of the season. La Herradura have been wonderful hosts for the two matches CDAC have played, and won, at the ground but the long awaited return to Estadio Municipal Francisco Bonet needs to happen soon for the good of everyone involved.

Equally, the club is having to wait an incredible amount of time for fichas to come through from the Federacion. Do other clubs have to wait the full 31 days before they can play a new signing? Possibly, possibly not. However, having five players training with the club everyday and then being forced to sit in the stand on matchday whilst their team-mates start a match with a squad of 11 is far from ideal. It is not just the international players who are having to wait. CDAC are waiting to unveil two Spanish players with Tercera level experience and they too are having to be patient and wait for the all-clear to make their debuts.

Football puerto motril nv17The officials also seem to have their own interpretation of the laws of the game, and Saturday’s match against Puerto de Motril was one of the more curious refereeing performances of the season. CD Almuñécar City were reduced to nine men by the end of the game as the referee sent off Tre Hayes and Daniel Mulholland for non-existent “elbows” to their opponents. In the first instance, Hayes was clearly being pulled to the ground rugby style by the Motril captain, who then theatrically rolled on the floor, possibly to help persuade the referee not to book him for his cynical foul. Incredibly, the referee fell for this ruse and, despite giving CDAC the free kick for the initial foul, showed Hayes a second yellow card.

One referee mistake you could almost understand, but the dismissal of Mulholland was as laughable as it was bizarre. Waiting for a throw in to be taken, Mulholland was being marked by the Motril right back in front of the 150 or so supporters in the ground. Mulholland barely moved, let alone used his arms in anyway and was sent off, the referee demonstrating that he had seen the use of an elbow. Having also awarded a controversial penalty to Motril in the opening 30 seconds of the second half, you had to wonder what thought process was occurring.

For Puerto de Motril players to commit the vast majority of the fouls and visibly spit at least three players (unpunished) showed remarkable inconsistency from the official, whilst one of his assistants insisted on running the line from a good ten yards behind the line of both defences.

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Fortunately for CDAC, they were already 3-0 up following a dominant first half display where Mulholland opened the scoring after ten minutes and Hayes headed home twice following good wing play. Shem Jiminez, playing in goal, saved the penalty given and generally looked solid in the CDAC net.

When reduced to nine men with 12 minutes remaining, City could have struggled or looked to get involved considering the provocation they were facing from the opposition and officials but they did not, closing out the game in a professional manner – in fact they could have scored a couple more before conceding a last kick of the game consolation.

Once more three points has been gained yet left a bitter taste in the mouth for the people wanting to see a good level of football played in the local area. City have not always covered themselves in glory with their own behaviour in the very early stages of this journey, but their last two performances considering what they have clearly been up against has shown a new level of maturity, discipline and commitment to the shirt.

It is becoming clear that teams in the 3a Andaluza are running out of ways to try and beat CD Almuñécar City as the club now has eight wins from eight games. With Puntalon beating Motril B it looks like a two horse race for promotion with the two leaders yet to play.

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