Volatile Marital Row

The Spanish say, “tirar la casa por la ventana” which means, to spare no expense, but in this case, somebody in Granada literally did throw the furniture out of the window

The incident took place on Calle Victor Hugo in Granada around mid July and was the result of a married couple rowing. Before you could say, “why do you hate my mother so much,” there was an assortment of household furniture tumbling out of the window; a large armchair amongst it.

Most of the furniture ended up on the street below, but the said armchair got caught up in the branches of a large tree and required the assistance of the fire service to get the thing down.

The first to arriving, keeping a safe distance from immediately below the window three stories up, were the Policía Local, even though the flow of furniture had ebbed. Neither party wanted to denounce the other so a closed case, except for the furniture outside.

The chair couldn’t be left perched several metres up in the tree waiting for a strong gust of wind, so the firemen used an extending ladder to prod it out of the branches.

The muncipal rubbish collecting company, Inagra, came around and carted it all off, because it was all wrecked by the fall.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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