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Horse Rescued from Channel

By Vivienne Hughes

The Motril fire service, with the help of the Salobreña Policía, rescued a horse on Christmas day, stuck in a deep irrigation channel. »

Toddler Eight Floors Up

By Vivienne Hughes

The Fire Service in the city of Málaga managed to rescue a 5-year-old girl who had been hanging on from an 8th-floor balcony. »

An Absurd Trial

By Vivienne Hughes

It's finally over, the three firemen from Sevilla who had been accused of people smuggling in Greece were acquitted — a happy ending to a nightmare. »

Generous Police & Fire Service

By Vivienne Hughes

A total of 10,400 euros was raised by the Almuñécar Police and Fire Service in favour of Cáritas (Catholic Church Charity). »

Benaudalla Fire Controlled

By Hugh MacArthur

The Vélez de Benaudalla fire was declared "controlled" around 17.00h Saturday. The fire broke out the previous day causing a large column of smoke near the canyon. »

Local Fireman Helps in Mexico

By Vivienne Hughes

The news is alive with the Mexico earthquake and although it is on the other side of the world, it has it’s resonance with Almuñécar - one of its firemen has gone there. »

Brewery Chemical Spillage

By Martin Myall

There was a bit of a panic in Granada on Wednesday at the Alhambra Brewery owing to an escape of ammonia, resulting in four workers being treated in hospital. »

Volatile Marital Row

By Hugh MacArthur

The Spanish say, “tirar la casa por la ventana” which means, to spare no expense, but in this case, somebody in Granada literally did throw the furniture out of the window »

Salobreña Fire Investigation

By Vivienne Hughes

The fact is that the last six fires on the vega of Salobreña have almost all occurred out on windy days - such a coincidence points towards intent on somebody’s part. »

Another Vega Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

Yet another vega fire in Salobreña, this on Friday the 7th - firemen took from 19.00h to 01.30h the next morning to put it out. »

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