Art in the Alpujarra

ALP Painting ExhibThe Soportújar municipal exhibitions hall is hosting the collective works Alpujarra residents, which will run until the 24th of this month.

The exhibition is entitled Tierra de Brujas and the contribution artists are: Pilar Barragán, Mix Amylo, Julia Berrio, Francisca Castillo, Clara Baza, María Isabel Delgado, Yvone Hallmans, Bárbara Jonás, María del Carmen Martín, Natalia Martín, Delia Mcgrath, Carmen Rodríguez, Laura Ruiz, Patricia Anne Seymour, Ariane Seymour, Gladis Ureta and Begoña Vílchez.

The event was inaugurated by a provincial representative of the Junta, Sandra García, accompanied by the Mayor, José Antonio Marín, as well as the sculptor who organised the exhibition, José Vera.

Sr. Vera pointed out that new technologies have have levelled the playing field for rural communities and that Art is no longer dependent on large towns and cities to reach the general public.

He went on to explain that Tierra de Brujas comprises of the works of a women living in a rural community and aims to throw some light on their present-day role. Women played a dominant part in a rural society; i.e., midwives, etc and much more that was considered witchcraft, such as fertility both in humans and well as agricultural land, together with healing using natural remedies.

Editorial comment: rural Spain had been disappearing with the population moving to the cities, however with the influx of foreigners in search of the simplicity of rural life, together with the arrival of Internet and social media, this trend is slowly reversing.

(News: Soportújar, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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