Motril Burglars Arrested

MOT northern district OnLFive alleged burglars were arrested after being surprised by a police patrol actually inside somebody’s house in Motril at one o’clock one morning.

The emergency number 112 passed on an alert to the Motril Policia Local about a suspected ongoing burglary in the northern district; concerned neighbours and made the original phone call.

Once there, the police first found three men, suspected of having participated in the burglary, trying to escape. With more police units arriving, policemen surrounded the house believing that there was somebody still in the house – and they were right.

With the house secured from outside, the owner was located and the police began to move in. the downstairs rooms had obviously been turned over; drawers removed and contents left on the floor, etc.

However, there was nobody was hiding downstairs, so the police moved upstairs. They soon found two men hiding in a bedroom closet. The men didn’t give up easily however and had to be reduced.

Three of the five males arrested were minors, by the way.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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