Express Kidnap Foiled

GRA Secuestro ExpressA judge in the town of Santa Fe has sent three individuals from Fuente Vaqueros to prison, pending trial, for an alleged case of ‘express kidnapping.’

This is a term where somebody is kidnapped and released normally within the same day at the price of a relatively small ransom; in this case, 3,000 euros. Yes! That’s half a million pesetas in disguise! Dave, who is proof-reading this, is now sighing and rolling his eyes, believe me.

Anyway! The incident, or kidnapping occurred in the suburban area of the city of Granada. The victims, a young couple, had parked their car in a wooded area in the early hours of the morning.

Suddenly, at four in the morning, four individuals appeared, with little intention of striking up a friendship… One of the four men threatened the couple with a respect-inspiring knife and suggested that they should part with all their valuables and cash.

However, the couple was travelling light having intentions of whiling away the hours; he with a wallet containing latex objects – not cash, which evidently disappointed the assailants.

So, it was decided to retain the couple against their will until the morning in order to withdraw money from the bank. This having been achieved, the hostages were released under the threat of retribution if they approached the police.

During the early hours the hostages were kept apart, in different cars; one belonging to the couple, the other belonging to the kidnappers. The lad was subject to a bit of physical violence and the girl to an extrensive range of verbal threats.

with the first light and the bank havig opened its door, one of the couple withdrew 3,000 euros whilst the other stayed with the kidnappers. Money obtained, the couple were released, but not before taking photos of the couple’s car; more specifically, its number plate. The were informed that if they approached the police, it would go badly for them or their families.

However, the couple contacted the Guardia Civil, who lost no time in identifying the baddies, thanks to the descriptions given by the couple, and arresting the kidnappers, aged between 20 and 24.

The reason that the Guardia Civil could indentify them so early was that the bank’s CCTV clearly recorded their faces. Obviously, a huge mistake on the part of the kidnappers. The bank’s external camera also captured their number plate.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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