Cultural Activities in Motril

MOT Museum pieceToday is the International Day of Museums, which Motril is celebrating with La Noche en Blanco events, filling the town’s streets and squares.

Councillor for Culture, Francisco Ruiz, announced the programme saying, “this day is an excellent chance to emphasise museums as spaces of great importance,” adding that the town’s museums would have their doors openned for free admittance to for muliple activities.

The Noche en Blanco really began yesterday but will continue on into tomorrow, the 19th. Today’s events, entiled, Culture on the Streets, started in the municipal theatre, Calderón at 10.00h and 11.00h, with a choir performance by the Coro Escolar Cardenal Belluga ‘Somos el Mundo.’

Meanwhile, in the Plaza de la Aurora from 11.00h to 23.00h there is a handicraft market.

This afternoon at 18.30h there will be a lecture entitled Descubre tu Patrimonio, which will be on local heritage and includes a short film. This will be at the Museo de Historia de Motril.

From 19.00 the Jazz formation Dixieland will play on Plaza de la Aurora, while at the same time, but over in the Teatro Calderón, their will be a repeat performance of the school choir.

At 20.30h in the Museo Preindustrial del Azúcar, they have organized a special visit with a fun activity called, La Caña, which is a play on words: (sugar) cane, and slang for “the bees knees.”

The day’s activities will conclude at 20.30h within the Fábrica del Pilar where visits can learn about the sugar crops and sample the its sweet product. A fantastic setting as this old factory is the oldest in Europe.

Tomorrow’s activities begin at 19.00h with a guided tour of the town’s cultural sites – you must put your name down if you are interested today, at the latest. You can do this by email:

The last activity is a sort of circus act, entitled Do not Disturb, in the Plaza de la Aurora at 19.00h.

Finally, the International day of the Museum came into being in 1977 in Moscow at the XII General Assembly of the International Council of Museums.

Editorial note: Click on any of the museum names to visit its official website.

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