The Paseo Bars Affair

ALM Paseo Morning 2 MY17 copyJuan Carlos Benavides has fired off broadsides and the Mayor of Almuñécar has responded with grapeshot, but if you really want to know what is going on down in the night bars under the Altillo read on…

We received a communiqué drawn up by the bar owners themselves and it pretty much supports what Benavides’s party has claimed.

The whole affair is about the renewal of the night bar leases, which are situated under the Fenicios statue at the western end of the paseo. We’re talking about La Pelillera and Jaime Playa, run by Luis Felipe Olmedo and Juan Manuel Aneas, respectively.

The communiqué, entitled, Something Smells bad about the Bajos del Altillo Affair, puts into question the motivation behind the present Town Council under the PP, where they have apparently lost their leases and witnessed how they have been awarded to others until 2033. (This point needs to be confirmed.)

The Partido Andalucista (Benavides) claimed that without warning and without putting the leases up to public bidding, the said leases (concessiones administrativas) were awarded, even though some had ended back in 2014 whilst others still had time to run.

The Mayor blames it on a decision made by Benavides back in 1999 (13th May) yet if the accord turned the other paseo bars into leases valid until 2033 from monthly rentals, how come it didn’t do the same to the Fenicio premises?

Basically, why is the night bar end being treated differently from the normal bar/cafeteria end of the paseo, if they were both included in the 1999 accord?

It is worth pointing out that the leaseholders at the night bar end are coughing up around 1,000 euros a month in rent whilst at the other end, they are paying, in some cases, between 100 an 150 euros a month.

Well, it’s all very complicated, but what is perhaps becoming apparent is that the Town Council might be playing very underhand and that Benavides’ claims are not far from truth.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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