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The Paseo Bars Affair

ALM Paseo Morning 2 MY17 copy

Juan Carlos has fired off broadsides and the Mayor has responded with grapeshot, but if you want to know what is going on down in the nightbars under the Altillo…

Bar Brawl Trial

ALM Torero Pub

Eight stand trial over an Almuñécar bar fight, which started because one of them had decided to try to enter the bar with a drink in his hand from another bar.

Are you Norwegian?

Well if you are, get yourself down to Bar Arenas on the Lower Paseo in Almuñécar at 17.00h on the 17th of May, which is, of course, Norway Day!

Young Man Stabbed in Bar

When a population goes up, as it does in Almunecar, from around 25,000 to nearly 120,000 then you can expect more trouble than usual, but even so a stabbing in one of the Paseo del Altillo bars (the Los Bajos end) is far from expected.