Unwilling Client Stabbed

SPN Stabbed over SexThe Public Prosecutor in Murcia is recommending a 9-year prison sentence for a woman who allegedly stabbed a man for not being willing to pay to have sex with her.

The incident occurred in November 2015 in Murcia on a street called Calle Duque de Jumilla. The 33-year-old woman reportedly approached the man and suggested he should part with a specific sum of money in exchange for coitus.

However, the man was not convinced by the deal and declined, which was when she, allegedly, pulled out a knife and inserted in his abdomen. He survived the attack, thanks to immediate attention at the Hospital Virgen del Castillo de Yecla.

The Public Prosecutor considers that it is a clear case of attempted murder, hence the recommended prison sentence, accompanied by a court order to stay at least 500 metres from the holed gentleman.

Editorial comment: talk about aggressive sales tactics…

(News: Murcia)

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