Determined and Dastardly

SPN feigned DisabilityWhat some people will do to get out of a parking ticket is amazing, and in this particular case, spectacular. The following happened in San Sebastian in the north of Spain.

A resident of Ciudad Real, intending to spend a couple of days in the city, had just parked his Mercedes in one of the three parking spaces set aside for the disabled on Calle Fuenterrabia.

When he came back to his car it was to find the police placing a wheel clamp on his shiny Merc. Yes, well might you tut – is nothing sacred?

Realising that he was about to be clobbered with a hefty fine, he threw himself to the ground and feigned multiple injuries… feel free to read that again in case your incredulity meter is hammering at your reading glasses.

The police decided to close the street to traffic, as the man was rolling about, howling, whilst two companions, grabbing an arm each, dragged the man to where he had parked his car.

Now, this star performance wasn’t a hurried affair because it lasted four hours – there goes you incredulity meter again!

In the end he was charged with resisting arrest by throwing himself to the ground and refusing to get up, as well as urging the crowd of bystanders to attack the police.

The man did in fact have a disability card, but it was out of date – hence the wheel clamp – which led to another charge for disobeying a direct police order to hand it over.

There are few heroes of this stature remaining amongst us in this politically correct era; a man who did not baulk at rolling around on the floor for four hours in order not to pay a fine. Dedication, Ladies and Gentlemen, pure dedication!

(News: San Sebastian, Basquelands)

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