Despicable Him

SPN Scam Illness OnLThe ‘man of a thousand tumours,’ Paco Sanz, who made repeated social-media appeals for money for treatment, has been rumbled, bringing a damning video to light.

Sr. Sanz, whose very image cried of being on a death bed, can been seen in the video (below) making fun of the ‘suckers’ who he had taken in. The video, with abundant shots of him laughing in evident better health than he regularly portrayed, is full of obscene and mocking gestures.

Thousand-Tumour Man managed to accrue a quarter of a million euros, ostensibly for treatment in the USA for Cowden Syndrome, but which in fact permitted him and his much younger girlfriend and parents to live a life of relative luxury.

Cowden Sydrome is a rare but not fatal disease and he was being treated for it at Hospital La Fe de Valencia, certainly without any need of treatment in the USA.

“This illness has caused me to have close to two thousand tumours. I have run out of money, as have my family, to pay for the necessary treatment,” goes one of his video requests on the social networks, finishing, “with one euro you could help save my life.”

This 46-year-old, security guard (who gave up his job when the money started to roll in) had the inestimable help of his girlfriend, many years his junior, and his parents. Together they managed to fool 2,000 victims in eight years. He even fooled Spanish celebreties like Santiago Segura and José Mota.

Expensive restaurants, all the latest gadgets and a high-range car, as well as numerous trips to the USA, but as a tourist; all were paid for by his unwitting victims. One of his trips to the US was on a luxury liner, to boot.

In the revealing, sort of “the-making-of” video, his girlfriend, who acted as his camerawoman, film director and manager, can be seen possing in selfie video shots, and his mother can be seen dancing in the background, all at the idea of what suckers their victims were.

The truth agout Paco Sanz was brought to light by Alejandro Ruiz, who worked at the publisher that brought out a book on Paco to further his cause. The young man took what he knew to a TV programme, Espejo Público, and after two years’ investigation, his fraud was blown, ending in his and his parents’ arrested, a search subsequently led to the discovery of the tell-tale video.

(News: Vallbona, Valencia)

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