Permanent Fairground for Lobres

SAL Fairground signingThe formal act for the compulsory purchase of land in Lobres for the municipal fairground took place on the morning of the 10th of March – the process has taken nine months.

The fairground is in the area officially known as the UE-L2, which is near the Hogar del Pensionista, (pensioners’ club)

Although its prime use will be to house the fairground attractions, it will also be used for street markets, as well as parking space.

The reason that the acquisition of the plot has been through a compulsory purchase order is that attempts to come to an agreement with the property owner have failed. The Town Hall justified this course of action with the fact that providing the village with a permanent fairground was an electoral promise.

But it was not only about providing a fairground, but also a solution for the widening of Calle Murillo – this is the point where the street is the narrowest, which complicates traffic flow.

The plot is really two properties, consisting of 2,377 sq/m in total and work has already begun on preparing the land so that it will be ready for the fiestas in June, explained the First Coucillor for the village, Ana Mingorance.

Finally, having a permanent fairground actually saves money because it is no longer necessary to select and prepare land for the occasion each year.

(News: Lobres, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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