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Andalucía Day in Salobreña

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña has several events planned for the Día de Andalucía on Wednesday next week, and has erected a marquee near the Sports Pavilion for the occasion. »

Fair Bus Service Continues

By Vivienne Hughes

The Motril Town Hall has decided to maintain the special bus service to the fairground for the rest of the week. The prices remains at one euro. »

Motril Fiestas Traffic Changes

By Vivienne Hughes

The fiestas in Motril will bring about some temporary measures in traffic flow; a section of the Avenida de Nuestra señora de la Cabeza will be closed to traffic. »

Permanent Fairground for Lobres

By Vivienne Hughes

The formal act for the compulsory purchase of land in Lobres for the municipal fairground took place on the morning of the 10th of March - the process has taken nine months. »

Car Park to Become Housing

By Vivienne Hughes

Nerja’s biggest surface, car park is going to be turned into a plot for 290 dwellings; we’re talking about Huertos de Carabeo, right in the centre of town. »

Fireworks & Fiesta Bus Service

By Louise Powell

Don't forget that the big firework display in Motril is on Tuesday the 16th - the day following the Almuñécar one - a double, Costa-firework whammy! »

Death from Heat Exhaustion

By Vivienne Hughes

A local from Las Gabias has been charged for cruelty to animals after having left his dog on a balcony where it died from heat exhaustion. »

A Room for the Noisy…

By Martin Myall

Motril is providing practice rooms for rock bands; such places are gold dust as any budding rocker will tell you. »

Motril August Fiestas 2012

By Martin Myall

The complete programme for the Motril August fiestas, from the 10th to the 16th.t »

Motril Shopping Centre Closer?

By Martin Myall

The Motril Town Hall says that it has found the formula to accelerate the bureaucratic process for a large shopping centre, on the scale of Vélez-Malaga's Centro Comercial Ingenio, which will one day be built on the Cortijo de Conde site. But even so, we're talking about 2014/2015. »

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