Carmenes del Mar Development

provincial lawcourts of granadaThe provincial court in Granada has summoned the developers (Rodríguez-Acosta) involved in Carmenes del Mar to appear as the accused in March.

This comes as a result of the provincial court accepting the case against them lodged by representatives of the residents of the stricken urbanización, which is located in La Herradura on Cerro Gordo.

It must be stated that not all of the 400 properties in the said urbanización have been affected by the continuing landslips – many haven’t, and are not in any danger.

The case is against not only those that built the affected houses, but also against those responsible for issuing a favourable geotechnical survey, as well as the architects involved.

The company that actually built the housing was Cerro Gordo S.L., belonging to the Grupo Comarex – the parent company, by the way, also built what was Hotel Melia and reportedly the hotel on Cotobro beach.

Furthermore, two property owners have been given judicial support in their intentions of seeking the annulment and full refund against their purchase contract with Cerro Gordo S.L..

The date set by the court for the hearing is the 9th of March, when the accused will appear, and the next day for the plaintiffs.

Lastly, the magistrate has asked the judicial branch of the police to investigate and submit a report on the parent company, Grupo Promotor Inmobiliarios Comarex, more specifically whether they have benefited substantially, fruit of a contract with the City Hall of Granada concerning Parking Mondragones built on publicly owned land, or “mercantile activities in other countries, especially South America.”

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucía)

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