The Alpujarra Aids Syria

ALP Lanjaron miraThe Alpujarra charity, Lanjarón-Mira al Mundo, has managed to collect, 12,000 kilos of aid for the people of Syria, says organization chairwoman, Lidia Rivas.

Between December 2016 and January of this year the group organised several fund-raising activities in a campaign entitled Solidaridad con el Pueblo Sirio and, according to Lidia Rivas, it was precisely children and youngsters that were very involved in the said campaign, in many cases sharing their own Christmas present with their Syrian counterparts.

Already over a hundred boxes of blankets and school material have been sent to Syria, together with no perishable foodstuffs, explained Sra. Rivas

Meanwhile in Lanjarón informative sessions have been held in the schools that have participated in the campaign, highlighting what has been happening on Europes borders and the importance of defending Human Rights.

But it hasn’t only been the schools in Lanjarón that have been active, but also ones in Trevélez, Busquístar, Pitres, Pórtugos, Bubión, Cáñar, Soportujar, Órgiva, Tablones and Lanjarón.

Furthermore, Alpujarra business have also collaborated with collection boxes in chemists in many of the above villages, as well as supermarkets: Discor (Ana Mari), Coviran La Madre, Coviran Pirri, Día; bakers Hermanos Jiménez Muñoz; builders Joaquín and the furniture shop in Lanjarón. Over in Órgiva contributors were, the baby shop, 9 Lunas, the driving school, Salas; and the Casa de Almudena in Busquistar, amongst others.


(News: Lanjaron, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucía)

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