The Granada Hospital Dispute

GRA PTS Hospital OnLThe opening of the new hospital in Granada near the Science Park should have been a cause for celebration but it has become the centre of a regional health-system storm.

There has been a battle raging for the last 108 days; since he 29th of June, 2012 when the Head of Hospital Clínico resigned, followed in December that same year by the staff of San Cecilio came out against the hospital amalgamation.

The Junta has been negotiating with the hospital staff, their workers union and patients’ associations, with the disgruntled inhabitants of Granada as a backdrop.

The fact is that Granada had four public hospitals: Trauma, San Cecilio, El Materno and Ruiz de Alda and through a series of amalgamations it has ended up with just one; i.e., the PTS.

The old Trauma, however will become the Materno-Infantil hospital, which as it name suggests, is not a general hospital like the PTS.

Ruiz de Alda, or the Virgen de las Nieves, which was a general hospital, will be a medical centre dealing with digestive neurology, respiratory conditions, oncology, and haematology.

GRA Hospital ProtestsJust about everybody in Granada, be they doctors, patients or union leaders, want two complete general hospitals, with the PTS being one of them and Ruiz de Alda (Virgin de las Nieves) being turned back into a general hospital.

The PTS is the second-biggest hospital complex in the country with its 160,000 sq/m. The old 3-bed wards are history and the new ones are either single or 2-bed rooms.

Well, after a series of massive street protests, petitions with nearly 25,000 signatures and letters of protests by medical staff, the Junta‘s resolve is crumbling with top administrative post resignations and plenty of humble pie consumption.

So, if you have been up to the PTS and marvelled at just how good it looks, you might have noticed a good smattering of chaos in its corridors, part of which is normal in a brand-new set up, but it is also fruit of all this mutinous rumbling.

Editorial comment: This article only pretends to scratch the surface of what is going on, just enough for readers to have a vague idea of what is happening up there.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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