New Carmenes Court Decision

LHR Carmenes OnLFor all it’s worth, the provincial court has found in favour of the Cármenes de Mar residents again, but the bureaucrats are still stalling.

The residents are suing those that drew up the project, against those that submitted favourable survey reports at the Town Hall and the construction company that built the stricken housing.

Appeals Court Nº3 in Granada ratified the court sentence handed down on the 3rd of November 2014 against the above, making them also responsible for the reparation of the damaged housing and more importantly, for carrying out immediate stabilization work on the hillside to prevent the whole thing slipping further.

A spokesperson for the residents pointed out that this is the second time that a judge has decided in their favour – how could anybody do otherwise, given the circumstances?

However, nobody is moving; not the Town Hall, which pleads poverty, or the provincial and regional administrations. Muttered condolences is about the only thing that the residents can get out of them.

The Justice Delegate at the Junta, Emilio de Llera, announced in October that the Junta had no intention carrying out the Proposición No de Ley that was approved nearly a year ago, urging immediate action to stabilize the land.

“We run the risk that by the time that there is a definitive court sentence, there won’t be anything left to protect,” lamented the spokesperson.

Even the Regional Ombudsman, Jesús Maeztu, expressed his “considerable concern” last month over the lack of response coming from the public institutions. Consequently, he contacted the Environmental Department of the Junta, as well as the Almuñécar Town Hall to express that concern.

Editorial comment: there is no greater instance of unpardonable incompetence by the Town Hall for allowing the urbanización to be built in the first place, nor clearer display of indifference from the very institutions that exist prevent a Town Hall from committing such folly.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. jamesmichael58
    January 29, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Your Editorial commenting how incompetence and indifference have been the cause of the ‘Carmenes de Mar’ fiasco, I would have thought corruption would have been more apt.

    James Wright
    Las Terrazas Carmenes de Mar

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