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Aggression in Plaza de Madrid

By Hugh MacArthur

An Almuñécar man is facing a 4.5-year sentence for beating up another man back in June 2013. »

New Carmenes Court Decision

By Martin Myall

For all it's worth, the provincial court has found in favour of the Cármenes de Mar residents again, but the bureaucrats are still stalling. »

The Parot Doctrine

By Maria Teresa Velasco

During last year and especially during the last two months Spanish medias have been talking about the doctrina Parot (the Parot doctrine). »

Motril Man in Sexual Abuse Case

By David Darby

The man faces three charges of sexual abuse and one of indecent exposure. There is also a request for compensation of 15,000 euros in total for the moral damage allegedly caused to the two applicants. However, the defense has asked for all charges to be thrown out as they believe there is no evidence... »

Every Cloud A Silver Lining

By Editor

A man has been awarded 24,000 euros in compensation for having to wait nine years for his court case to come up, in which he was acquitted. »

Prison for Pizza Robber

By David Darby

A court in Motril (Granada) has sentenced a resident of Almunecar to five and a half years in prison, for injuries caused to a pizza-delivery man, whom he had hit with a motorcycle helmet in the street to steal the money he had. »

Parting Victory

By Editor

One of the last victories for Benny before his electoral defeat was a National Supreme Court decision that decided in the Town Hall’s favour and against the Junta de Andaluia. »

Misleading Minors

By Editor

A man before the Motril law courts was found guilty of talking a minor into leaving home over an Internet chat connection. »

Cars Damaged

By Dave Nichols

I finish with the fun stuff. In Northern Europe, your car tends to be in danger of ‘keying’ (scratching cars with a key - Ed) by rowdy teenagers under the influence. »

Which Brings Us to Benny…

By Editor

Without doubt, 2010 has been a triumphant year for Juan Carlos Benavides in the law courts, but for all of his victories, as I write this we are only in February with 10 months left to go before 2010 he can proclaim Annus Mirabilis. »

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